Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Casual Side

This post will be a little different. I was asked by a young lady, what was my opinion regarding a young man she is dating. She asked him about their relationship. Where do they stand. She said he never answers that question. He usually changes the subject or mentions, other things. She only wants an answer because she doesnt want to hurt him. I told her, he doesnt want to answer the question because he's scared she going to ask for something more and he really doesnt want it to be anything more then what it is, casual. Now, she doesnt want a committed relationship from him because she just doesnt want to take that route at this time in life.
I asked her if he tries to take control of situations or is he demanding, she said yes to both, but once they meet up, he can be so sweet. If he feels he can control the situation, he'll feel as if he can control the emotions in the casual relationship. But, if he only took the time to listen, he would also know she is on the same page as him... Keeping it casual.
He will continue to evade the question because the control and the demands make him feel real manly, and he doesnt want to be feel committed or tied down. For some women, we need to here that things are still casual because it can help us with a mental reality check. But if you asking a guy a question about you alls relationship and he doesnt answer, thats as good as getting the answer. He aint ready so dont force it. Keep it casual or start to moving on.
In this case, the young lady just wants to confirm they are still casual because she just doesnt want to hurt him because she doesnt want anything more then what it is. He would know that if he just listened. Some guys get so caught up into there own ego's that, he probably thinking, "Im not answering that question cuz I know she wants me more"... Thats not the case all the time brotha. Maybe she just want to make sure your feelings havent changed and you are still on the same page as her, the casual side.