Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I Love

Sometimes saying I love you, leaves the other person just knowing that they are loved.The question is, do you know how I love you.    I love you completely and wholeheartedly. I love you with every fiber of my being. Our existence as living as One is my goal. I love you enough to put God at the head of our relationship to let Him guide us down a path to Forever. Letting no weapon form against us or allowing no person to put asunder. I love you enough to know, you are the Head of our household and submission is not a problem. I love you enough to accept the decisions you make and trust your ability of being honest. I was created to be that type of Woman for you.    I love you enough to extend my heart to a blended family which reaches children that I did not birth. I love the Man you've become and the Man you will be. I love you enough to dwell on the good and the positive. I will not think of the things that can, will or might go wrong, because things will always happen. But I love you enough to concentrate on Us making it past those hurdles. I love you enough to Pray for our well being, for us to live a long prosperous life.    I love you enough to not allow halfhearted love, anger or resentment to build. To always communicate so we can understand and respect each others opinions. To not allow the possibility of Us not making it or not working out, to exist. To not be afraid of working harder to make things better. To not allow Us to become comfortable and forget about the other. To make sure We remember to keep the fire going and work at keeping it spicy.       I love you enough to know all these things take work and can not transform over night. I love you enough to know with time things get better. I love Us enough to understand, respect and honor "I Do." This is how I Love.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


After taking care of everything you need to take care of, at times you just want somebody there that you can completely rely on. When others are always looking to you to be reliable for them, who can you turn to when you need that reliability. You find yourself helping family and friends, being there for others when they need it and even helping out in a financial way to some. But when things break down, don't go right or needing that talk to help guide you, whose there for you. When you need or wish you had just one person that you can rely on in your time of need, who do you turn to. You want to be able to rely on your Mate the way others rely on you. Having that person who is willing to listen and communicate to you when you need it, is needed. You can't always be the strong reliable person ALL the time. At times you need to let go and rely on your Mate. You need to be vulnerable, let your guard down and allow or let your Mate be reliable to you. Sometimes it can be hard to do, especially when you have been the strong reliable person for so many people for so long. But when the time comes,you will want to have just that One person that you can rely on and one day, I will rely on Him.