Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Louder than Words

The question I was faced with now is, how do you know when someone loves you. This will be a little tricky and hard to answer, but here goes.
Women may not be as complex as men to answer this. Women are more emotional,so we will show you we love you. Women dont have a problem with showing or telling you their feelings. Once a woman lets you in, you'll know.
With men, sometimes it can be hard to explain. Men are not as emotional as women (not most men) so they tend to release their hurt or pain differently. In most cases, if a man has been hurt badly by a woman, they tend to take longer to TELL you they love you. Men arent built like women, they get over or deal with hurt and pain differently. Some men tend to show you by actions first before saying it. Such as, introducing you to their friends, then family, the time they spend with you, the way they concern themselves with what may be going on with you. I cant really answer why men tend to be this way but I have seen this before in different men (male friends). What I do know is these men feel that it is ok to show you before they tell you. Some men feel a woman may be rushing or tryin to force them to say it before they are really ready. All of this pertains to real men not players!!
As a woman, of coarse we want to hear those 3 words but I do believe, at times, Actions do speak louder then words. I think you will know deep down inside, trust your gut instinct. Your instinct can pretty much tell you if you believe that he loves you. Like the way he tells you things upfront and you dont have to find out about it, its out of respect. The way he communicates with you, he takes the time to listen, not only yell and fuss. He wants to spend time with you because he wants to not out of obligation or because he doesnt want to hear your mouth later. The way he touches you with caress because he cares. Us women were built differently and we can pick up on nurture, we have a gut instint that men cant explain because they dont have it. Sometimes I prefer for you to show me better then you can tell me because actions DO speak louder then words. Dont worry or rush it. It will be said eventually but he may be showing you now.