Monday, April 26, 2010

Enough Rope

I was faced with the question today, when is enough, enough? I say it depends. If you are a strong person, mentally and emotionally, enough for me would be after my plan is complete. If your mate is doing things that make you say Hmmm, dont go off to much. Go off enough so your mate knows its bothering you but start a plan. Get all your stuff in order, school, work, finances, what ever is out of order for YOU, get it in order. Sooner or later, that mate will mess up again. Im not saying if your mate messes up once or twice, its all down hill. Im saying, if your mate is messing up all the time and you're ready to say enough is enough! This pertains to you. Make it a point to let your mate know, Hey, you did this (again) and its bothering me. Tell him or her to remember that. You give that person enough rope and they'll hang themselves. When you have all your things in order and enough is now enough, cut that rope.

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  1. I love this ! I agree completely and I am going to give him all the rope he wants.