Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Not Jealousy!

Although we all make decisions, we don’t know what the final and complete outcome will be in the end. We tend to make most decisions based on the Right Now. It was my decision to walk away.

It’s Not Jealousy, its Anger… After all of the pain, the arguing, the late night returns, the not coming home, the cheating, the lying, the games, the not working, the divorce, I decided to walk away. I wanted more for you but couldn't get it out of you.

It’s Not Jealousy, its hurt… After all the years, the history, the children, the marriage, the good times, the holidays, the rekindling, now you decide to try and become a productive member to society. But it won’t be me to see this advancement.

It’s Not Jealousy, its common sense… After taking the weight and putting it on my shoulders for so long, you should want to help assist with maintaining the dwelling of where your seeds are. It shouldn’t take an outsider to say, you should do this or that. You should be willing or wanting to help on your own.

It’s Not Jealousy, it’s God’s Master Plan… I may have been angry… I may have been hurt… But maybe God needed me to walk away because He knew you could be a better Man. Maybe, I hindered you from being the better man because of the strong woman I am. Maybe I helped prepare you for the woman you are supposed to be better for.

It’s Not Jealousy, its confidence… You say you have moved on to better things… I would say you are right because your past was good and you have now found better but you’ve already had the Best (me)!... But I decided to walk away because Greatness is now before me!

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