Wednesday, November 6, 2013


There comes a time when you will care for someone deeply. Maybe even, you caring for them more then they care for you. In the end, always make good judgements by using your brain and not your Emotions. No matter how much you care for a person don't make decisions based on the emotions. Think very carefully. If there comes a time where you are faced with having to make a decision and your emotions are involved, take a step back and think things through thoroughly. If you are at this place in a relationship, there are things that has happened or flags that went up, so sit back and think clearly. If you felt sometimes communication wasn't right or there was no communication, think about why. If there were times that you felt the feelings weren't mutual, think about why. If you noticed the touching isn't the same, think about why. If those words "I Love you" are not repeated anymore, think about why. All things happen for a reason, and those things are shown to us at any given time or a course of time. You have to be able to think clearly and make sound decisions, that are not based off of an Emotion, especially in relationship. If things are getting bad and you're questioning yourself "why is this happening" or "what should I do" sit back and think clearly. Did you treat the other person the way you wanted to be treated? Was that treatment given in return? Where you giving your all into the relationship? Was the other person giving their all back? Are you trying to keep the passion going? Is the other person trying to keep the passion going also? If any question you ask yourself is coming back one sided, then you need to think things through clearly. When relationships become lengthy, some people stay out of fear, security, comfort or loneliness. You shouldn't make a decision that impacts your life based on any emotion. Not from fear, not from sadness, not from anger, not from loneliness or any other emotion. If the relationship is worth saving, both parties have to be willing to communicate openly and honestly. Some things that may be said may not be what you want to hear, but its always best to hear the truth..... No matter how much it may hurt. Its better to heal from the Truth instead of dissolving in an infectious lie. Communication is key to any success.

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